JH LED Light Box

Illuminate your Jackson Hewitt graphics with the double sided LED light box. The light box features a sleek aluminum finishing on the frame edges that gives your graphics that extra touch. All power accessories are included.

For inserts, such as the "THIS OFFICE WILL REOPEN" sign, put all applicable information in the Special Instuctions box.

Substrate:  Backlit Vinyl
Size:  22.5" x 34.5"
Color:  Printed Full Color: Double Sided Lightbox
Mounting Hardware:  Included
Artwork:  Choose one LED Insert message from the "1st Side LED Insert" dropdown menu. For the second side, choose another LED insert message from the "2nd Side LED Insert" menu.
Changes:  Changes have to be approved by your RD. Upload your PDF file when you order.

Keep a stack of business cards in your front pocket and make it a reflex to hand them to new acquaintances or prospective clients, it just may be the only way they remember you!

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