JH LED Inserts - Other Sources

Only order LED Inserts from here if you purchased your LED light box from ANOTHER SOURCE.

For inserts, such as the "NOW HIRING (PHONE NUMBER)" sign, put all applicable information in the Special Instuctions box.

Substrate:  Backlit Vinyl
Size:  24" x 36"
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Measurements:  Open the frame; measure to the metal lip at the end of the glass. Put that size in the Special Instructions Box, if your size is different from 24" x 36". Put your size in the Special Instructions box.
Artwork:  Download the poster you want from Brand Central, then upload that PDF file when you order.
Other Artwork:  If the Jackson Hewitt artwork you need is not listed in the dropdown menu, select OTHER and fill in your request in the Special Instructions field.
Changes:  Changes have to be approved by your RD. Upload your PDF file when you order.

Backlit vinyl really shows off your message at night.

Job Specifications

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