JH LED Inserts - Other Sources

Only order LED Inserts from here if you purchased your LED light box from ANOTHER SOURCE.

For inserts that require a phone number, price, or other information, put all applicable information in the Special Instructions box.

For the "DON'T PROTAXINATE" and "TAXES DUE NOW!" posters, there are separate, 8.5” x 11” countdown sheets that can be taped in place over the white rectangle in the middle. Please download the countdown sheets when ordering these posters

Substrate:  Backlit Vinyl
Size:  24" x 36"
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Measurements:  Open the frame; measure to the metal lip at the end of the glass. Put that size in the Special Instructions Box, if your size is different from 24" x 36". Put your size in the Special Instructions box.
Artwork:  Download the poster you want from Brand Central, then upload that PDF file when you order.
Other Artwork:  If the Jackson Hewitt artwork you need is not listed in the dropdown menu, select OTHER and fill in your request in the Special Instructions field.
Changes:  Changes have to be approved by your RD. Upload your PDF file when you order.

Backlit vinyl really shows off your message at night.

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